Saturday, 30 July 2011

Saturday Summertime Snack: Pomodori con Riso

This recipe was supposed to be part of Free Food Friday but I didn’t have time to post it yesterday so I thought up some new alliteration and created a ’Saturday Summertime Snack’. 

Pomodori con Riso is a bit of a Preziosi speciality so we have traced back the definitive recipe from the depths of the archive. This simple dish is basically tomatoes stuffed with rice and herbs and cooked in the oven. This versatile recipe makes a wonderful light lunch with some crusty bread or as a side dish. It is also ideal for a barbecue or picnic as can be eaten hot or cold. 

As you should have some rice leftover from our fab risotto a few weeks ago ( you will probably only need to purchase some tomatoes. Try to get the nice ripe ones on the vine as they will be sweeter and juicier. 

You do need to keep an eye on this as the time that it takes to cook depends a bit on the size of the tomatoes and the amount of liquid in your sauce. Some people also like the rice to remain a bit crunchy so give it a taste after 45 minutes and decide how much longer it needs. 

A very Roman addition is to put some wedges of potato in the baking tray as well as they will soak up the excess juice and oil and become crunchy around the edges making a great accompaniment to the tomatoes.  

Pomodori con Riso 

10 medium/large tomotoes on the vine
10 tablespoons of Carnaroli rice (1 per tomato)
Olive oil
Salt & pepper
2 cloves of garlic, chopped finely
1 onion, chopped finely
10 leaves of basil, chopped
Handful of parsley, chopped

What to do:

Heat oven to 180°.
Slice off the top of each tomato with the stalk and keep to one side. With a spoon remove the inside pulp, chop and put in a bowl along with any extra juices. 
Using your finger, spread a little salt on the sides inside each tomato.
In a frying pan, heat some olive oil and add the onion and garlic until soft, then add the basil and parsley and the tomato pulp and stir well. Cook for about 8 minutes on high flame until it just starts to reduce.
Add the rice and cook for about 10 minutes. Add about 1 glass of water to ensure that the sauce remains quite watery otherwise the rice won’t have enough liquid to cook when it’s in the oven. 
Season the mixture with salt and pepper.
Fill each empty tomato with the rice mixture up to about 2 thirds full to leave space for the rice to plump up.Put the stalk 'lid' back on the top.
Pour a little water into the bottom of a baking dish, place the tomatoes on top and put in the oven for 50-60 mins minutes until the rice is cooked. 
Serve hot or cold.

Buon appetito!!!

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